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Unlocking the Secrets: How to Activate‍ Voot on Your TV



Welcome to the world of Voot, an online streaming platform that brings you a vast collection of ⁢movies, ‍TV shows, and original content at your fingertips. Whether ‌you⁢ love‍ binge-watching the latest series or catching up on your favorite reality shows, Voot has got you covered. In ⁣this article, we will​ unlock the secrets of how to ‍Activate‍ Voot on your TV, so you ​can enjoy hours of entertainment​ from the comfort of your living room.

Step 1: Check your TV ‍compatibility

Before diving into the activation process, it’s important to ensure that your TV is‌ compatible with the Voot app.‌ Voot‌ is supported on various smart TVs, including models from popular ⁤brands like Samsung, ⁤LG, Sony, and more.‌ Make sure your TV is ‍connected ‌to ⁣the⁤ internet and supports app installation.

Step 2: Locate the ⁢app store

To Activate‍ Voot on your TV, you ‌need to access ‌the app store specific to your⁢ TV’s operating system. This could be the Google Play Store for Android TVs or the App Store for Apple TVs. Look for the app store icon on your TV’s home screen or browse through the menu to find it.

Step 3: Search for​ Voot

Once⁢ you have opened the app store, use ⁤the ⁢search ⁤function ⁢to find​ the ⁣Voot app. Type “Voot” in the ⁣search bar and look for⁣ the official Voot app icon in​ the search results. Click on the app icon to⁤ open the download page.

Step 4: Install the Voot app

On the Voot app download page, click on the “Install” button to begin the ​app installation. Wait for the installation process to complete; ⁤this may take a⁢ few minutes depending on your internet connection speed. Once installed, ⁣you will find the Voot app icon on your TV’s home screen or in the app⁤ drawer.

Step 5: Launch the Voot app

Now that you have successfully installed the Voot app, it’s time to launch it. Locate the Voot app ⁢icon on your TV’s home screen or in the app drawer and click⁣ on it to open the app. You will be ⁢greeted with a welcome screen and asked to sign in or create a new account.

Step 6: Sign in or create ‌a new account

If you already have a Voot account, enter your login credentials to sign in. Alternatively, you can choose ⁢to sign in‌ with your Facebook or Google account for⁤ a quicker process. If you don’t have a Voot account yet,⁢ click on the ‍”Sign Up” or “Create an Account” option to ‌register with your email address and ‌a​ password of your choice.

Step ​7: Activate using the ‌activation code

After signing in‍ or creating a new account, you will ⁤be provided with an ‍activation code on your TV screen. To Activate‍ Voot on your TV, you need to visit the Voot activation website‌ using a computer ⁣or smartphone with ⁤an internet connection. Open⁤ your preferred web ⁤browser and visit the ⁣activation website ⁢mentioned​ on the TV screen.

Step 8: Enter the activation code

On the Voot activation website, you will see a field to enter the activation code. Type in the code‌ exactly as displayed on your TV screen and click on the⁢ “Activate” or “Submit” button. Wait for a few seconds as the activation process takes place.

Step 9: Verify the activation

Once ⁤you have entered the activation code, your TV screen will confirm the successful activation. You can now navigate through the Voot app on your TV⁤ and explore the extensive library of content available.‌ Enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and more at your convenience.

Step 10: Troubleshooting tips

If you encounter any issues during the activation process or while using Voot on your TV,‍ try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure your TV is connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Check for ​any software updates ‌for ​your TV’s operating system.
  • Restart your TV and try the activation ‌process again.
  • Contact Voot’s‍ customer support for further assistance.


Activating Voot on your TV is a simple process that allows you to unlock a treasure trove of entertainment. By following‍ the steps mentioned ⁣above, you can easily access the wide range of content Voot has to offer. Remember to check your TV ‍compatibility, locate the app store, install Voot, ​sign in or create a new account, and complete the activation process ‍using the provided code.⁤ So grab ​your remote, sit back, and indulge in a world of unlimited entertainment with⁤ Voot on ‌your TV.

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